Original Spacejinx Test Pages

Kat: When we first started throwing around the idea of making Spacejinx — back when it was called Bang Maid — I drew a few test pages in my sketchbook.

Kat: These days, aside from some notes and thumbnails, all the production happens in Photoshop and Illustrator. Only the second panel of the comic was drawn on paper (and then heavily edited). Before Spacejinx, Wen and I did a comic called Ruffled Feathers for the Crown Royale anthology. I drew and inked that one all on 11″x17″ pages. I ended up hating how long it took me to rule out margins and gutters (although Wen graciously took over that after all my bitching), and the time it took to scan a page in pieces, and also I ran out of paper. And that is why I started drawing Spacejinx in Photoshop.

The screentones were fun, but have to be applied after the image is sized down for web or else it turns into a horrible moirĂ© mess. Of course, patterns without tones work fine, so I’ve used a speed zoom in a few places, and we’ve made our own.

— Team KK