Spacejinx Mission 08 Page 11

WOOF, sorry it’s been so long y’all! We kinda had a summer hiatus…and then the hiatus before TCAF…at any rate, thank you again for your patience! We’ve appreciated all the kind feedback we received on Cave of Blunders, and all the support in the meanwhile. But now, we’re back! Although we probably won’t be on a weekly posting schedule just yet.

Thanks also to everyone who came to visit us at Small Press Expo and TCAF! It’s always great to meet our readers–we always love knowing all y’all are out there! We had a great time, bought some great comics, and felt pretty inspired.

So right now, Edmund’s helping Benedict escape! The good: they found an otherwise-empty ship to steal! The bad: neither one of them really knows how to pilot it. WELL. They’ve been in worse scrapes, so we’ll see how things go!