Spacejinx Mission 08 Page 07

THE FUTURE IS NOW! …well, 2018 is now! Thanks for joining us!

Looks like Edmund’s up to his usual manner of ‘being smart’, although we’ll see if his GENIUS PLAN works out okay…Benedict’s too bummed out by everything to put up much of a fight. At least Edmund will be good at acting like he has authority over Benedict! “Acting”…

Also…we got into TCAF! We’re honored to be a part of this exciting event in 2018, and will be working on new stuff to debut in May! Unfortunately that means that we might have more sporadic updates here, but we promise, it’ll be worth it :)  As always, you can check out our creator twitters for Ocicatsy and Wensleydale which we update on a more regular basis. Hope to see you in Toronto!