Spacejinx Mission 07 Page 05

…and NOW commence Mission 7! Okay, okay, it’s been going on for a few pages, but NOW IT’S OFFICIAL! …and as you can see, it’s just the beginning ;) so don’t worry about this being the end, dear reader!

While we won’t be at Bishonencon this weekend, we *will* be having a special talk about our comic process this March at our favorite local comic store, Fantom Comics! If you’re around the Washington D.C. area and curious about how we work on Spacejinx and our other comics, come on by! We’d love to see you!

We’ve also set up a Twitter account for news and updates about our projects, so check that out if you want to get a tweet when there’s a new page! And we continue to maintain the Misadventure Central tumblr account as well.