Spacejinx Mission 06 Page 05

EDIT 7/19: Still on hiatus, but here’s some Benedict/tentacles:

EDIT 7/5: We don’t have a new page ready yet (it might be a few weeks), so we will leave you with some new smutty artwork:
benedict florian edmund double penetration, as requested

…it only took a few panels, but everything is as it should be and Edmund’s back in asshole-mode. It’s okay Benedict, planets are much better suited for you! I’m sure you’ll come across something that requires punching and kicking! Benedict would probably be a little more worried about what else Edmund knows, except that he doesn’t have too much to hide (aside from his sexbot, of course, and Edmund knows¬†way too much about that already).

Just as a side note, we might not be updating next week as we have some other projects that we need to focus on at the moment.