Spacejinx Mission 05 Page 12

Florian does not quite grasp the mechanics of truth or dare. But he sure is having a good time with it!

We close our chapter here, and we’ll be on a bit of a hiatus while we work on Mission 6, which’ll be a longer one. We don’t have an exact schedule, but we’re hoping to get back to regular updates of the comic in a couple months. In the meantime, we will continue posting something every week — omake, sketches, peeks at the design work we’ll be doing for the locations and costumes of the next arc, and so on. We’ll spend this time on pre-production for the chapter, as well as working on a couple other projects like our submission for the Purity Anthology — a “Post-Yaoi” anthology for artists with a shared history of reading yaoi comics to explore that influence on their artwork today. They’ve just started their Kickstarter, and if you’re into Spacejinx this is probably up your alley too. We will also be tabling at Smudge Comics Expo in Arlington, VA on March 14 (listed as Team KK), where we’ll have our zines about Dungeons & Dragons, cult movies, Nic Cage, and a YA fantasy story we have in development. We’ll probably also have some of our adult material behind the table just in case, so let us know if you’ll be attending!

We’ve been having so much fun making Spacejinx and we look forward to having new pages to show you! We also read and appreciate every comment, you guys are the best!