Spacejinx Mission 02 Page 03

Hey, we’re not doing the every-other-week update too badly right now! Sorry it’s…every….OTHER…week, but y’know, work busytimes, etc. etc. Anyway, enjoy Edmund’s bastard!face and Florian unpacking. After all, someone’s gotta do work around there–and some people are just too busy getting backrubs or being a looking like a smug asshole to do anything else.

In other news–

-We’re both enjoying the Knight Life book put out by the fine ladies at Love Love Hill! They do awesome stuff.

-We both went to NYC to visit our good friend HamletMachine and came back with a huge pile of comics from MoCCA! Scope all of our combined treasure!


-We’re working on some special side projects that we should have done with by the end of July, so we’ll keep you posted! 8)