Spacejinx Mission 01 Page 42

Hi guys, exciting things in the pipeline!

First off–Ocicatsy’s secretly been revamping the site, so expect a makeover in the coming weeks!

Second off–we will have a print copy of chapter 1 (plus bonuses!) available before the end of the year! Actually, it’ll be ready in time for Yaoi-con come October, so be prepared for a print version of all them sparkles.

Thirdly–yup, chapter 2 stuff is underway! If you follow the Misadventure Annex tumblr you may have seen some roughs and such–it’s coming along swimmingly!

Fourthly–if you haven’t been following the Misadventure Annex tumblr, may I persuade you with the promise of the original pencil test pages for chapter 1? 8)

Lastly, thanks everyone for all the kind words and feedback! We thrive on it (along with our steady diet of tea and baked goods)!