Spacejinx Mission 01 Page 30

OH MAN, 30 pages! 2 more and it’s like a floppy issue (well, if there were no ads or letters page whatsoever)! ROCK OUT! \m/ \m/

Anyway, this is my NEW FAVORITE PAGE, though that sorta holds true for all of them. But this features the best Benedict faces! YES!

Check out this lovely fanart that JD from Mahou Shonen Fight! graced us with! While we were at Yaoi-Con, we were fortunate enough to meet up with both JD and Dustyjack (the geniuses behind MSF) and if you like sparkles and magical boys you should totally check out their comic!

Happy impending Turkey Day, you guys! Or as Ocicatsy and I like to call it, ‘Nic Cage Day’ (thus called because we bake a cake, write Nic Cage’s name on said cake, and then eat it while watching a Nic Cage movie).