Ruffled Feathers – 01

Wow, sorry it’s been so long–Kat and I have been zining and starting to get Spacejinx ready for ~PRINT~, but we haven’t forgotten the site! While we’re busy putting together the Spacejinx comic/extras and getting stuff together for Yaoi-Con (oh yeah, we’ll be there!), we’ll run a little blast from our past–Ruffled Feathers!

We put this together the summer of 2010 for the awesome Crown Royale anthology (all slashy retellings of fairytales), and it sorta got us into the whole idea of putting our work out there for other people to see (like YOU, dear reader!).

TRUFAX–the majority of this was drawn in traditional media! CRAZY!

TRUFAX 2–the working title we had for this was ‘SWANZ’ because we’re all classy like that.