It's the year 2419, and all space cadet Benedict Young wants is a jetbike. Instead, he ends up with an unregistered android. To make matters worse, he's rooming with (and serving as bodyguard for) the colony's best engineering student/biggest asshole. The future ain't always so bright!

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Spacejinx Miscellany

An archive for holiday posts and other non-canonical Spacejinx updates.

Spacejinx Extras

Wensleydale's Birthday Special: Blood/Lust

Short comic crossing over Spacejinx with its precursor, a vampire fantasy smut epic.

Other Works

Other Team Shameless Projects

Doki Zone

Appeared in the Yaoi Hands anthology.

Ritual Rumble

Born with less common sense than the average bridge troll, Florian has always been a magnet for trouble. When a sightseeing trip goes awry and he finds himself at the wrong end of a sacrificial dagger, it may be more than he can handle! Will his vampire boyfriend be able to save him this time?

Ruffled Feathers

A goofy genderbent take on The Seven Swans fairytale. Princes may not always be charming and woodsmen aren’t always well-intentioned, but fairytale stepmothers are always, always evil. First appeared in Crown Royale Volume 0.

Sailors & Seamonsters

A curious tale about a shipwrecked man and his unlikely aquatic savior.

Winter In Paris

Replace ‘space future’ with ‘present day Paris’, ~*sparkly robot*~ with ‘bespectacled hipster’, and ‘dudes banging’ with ‘dudes bangi–’ oh wait. ANYWAY there are dudes banging which requires no explanation.