Mo’ questions, mo’ answers!

This has been a lot of fun, guys! Still answering questions, though sometimes with longer delays.

Chibikanakonyu asked, “Florian! What’s the secret ingredient of your cupcakes?”

“i think ihave a problem i ship benedict and edmund more than i ship them with florian what i what when did this even happen?”

“Hey Team Shameless, a question for the characters of Spacejinx: What are Benedict and Edmund’s favorite kind of cupcake (or can Florian only make one kind)?”

— Ocicatsy

Questions Answered

You can ask the characters questions in comments or in the tumblr Ask Box. Here is the first batch.

“Is Edmund nearsighted or farsighted? And does he ever wear contacts?”

Trish asked, “BENEDICT!!! Do you prefer barehanded combat or weapons?’

“What was Benedict’s first kiss like? Or Edmund’s?”

Trish asked, “Edmund: What makes you so special that you deserve a bodyguard like Benedict? ;) ”

Sumafu asked, ‘How does florian make sparkles???”

Altumcor asked, “So… Benedict and Edmund… any romantic/sexual history between just the two of you, and if there is, can you spill the details? Please? ♥_♥ ”
Bosiedarling asked, “Have Edmund and Benedict ever kissed/fucked/etc.?”

Cannibaltartletasked, “Florian, my sweet angel baby, who’s better in bed; Edmund or Benedict?”

Bosiedarling asked, “So if Florian is biased, who actually IS better in bed?”

— Ocicatsy