Book 3 and Small Press Expo 2017!

Hi all!

Sorry for the radio silence, but!!!!!


BOOK 3 LIVES!  We should be getting the print copies soon, and we’ll be debuting them at Small Press Expo  on September 16 & 17th! We’ll be at Table W48 (near the right wall)! We’ll have them for sale post-SPX on the site!

spx map 2017 kendra & kat

Small Press Expo is an awesome comic convention in the Washington D.C. area (Bethesda, MD to be exact), and if you’re around during the weekend of September 16-17, we’d love to see you! <3 <3 <3

— Wensleydale


For starters: Thanks all for your patience! We’ve had an exciting time tabling at our first Small Press Expo 2016, and it was great! We were able to put out some new comics (available at our store along with some other new goodies!) and meet so many cool people and get inspired with so many new works…it was an incredible experience.


We’re also really excited to be back working on Spacejinx, especially since it’s a fun scene going on ;) Hope you enjoy it!

<3 Ocicatsy & Wensleydale

— Wensleydale

Small Press Expo 2016!

Hi guys!

Apologies for the radio silence–we’ve been hard at work on getting everything together for our table at Small Press Expo just outside of Washington, D.C.! ((Technically it’s in Bethesda, Maryland)). It’ll be held on September 17-18th, and we’ll hopefully see you then!

We’ll be at Table C3 with copies of Spacejinx, a new one-shot featuring Wendy and Selene from Mission 3, some assorted sexy one-shots, prints, zines, and postcards! kk_spx_announcement


— Wensleydale

Research trips & updates!

Hello friends! Apologies for the radio silence, dayjobs got the better of us for a while…and then we took a lil’ trip to Tokyo where we succumbed to the siren song of all the doujinshi*. In case you need hard evidence…
* mostly Haikyuu!!, though we’ve got some Free! reppin’
doujin3Thanks to the lovely people at PacSet Tours for putting together the fujoshi dream trip (along with all the awesome new people we met!)–as you can tell, we managed to do quite a bit of “research” that should serve us well for upcoming chapters ;) ;) ;)

In the meanwhile. we’ve been working on mission 6–unfortunately we were a little bit optimistic in our original airdate, so we’ll just post it when it’s ready. That should be sooner than later (read: this summer), but since we’re just now recovering from our jetlag, we don’t have a hard date. But you can always see new sketches and such over at Ocicatsy’s tumblr, since it’s updated fairly regularly with actual content (the Wensleydale tumblr is uh, mostly just my reblogs ^^;;;).

Thanks for your patience, guys! We’re always happy to know that people are enjoying the comic! STAY TUNED!

— Wensleydale

Post-YaoiCon Post

YAY Y-CON! We had an awesome time (as you can tell from the top photo, maybe a little *too* awesome!), and hung out with so many cool people, and overall A++++ YEY! Thanks to everyone who came out and dropped by our table—we enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone!

Shout-outs and thanks to our fabulous comic buds/roomies hazeldrop and bellhasabat who put up with a Mission adventure (Mis…adventure??) and let us eat the rest of their ketchup chips, tumblngkori who is all-around great and a porn-ninja, hamletmachine-senpai for being a sweetie *u*, scuttlebuttink for THE BEEEEEES!!!! and some amazing stories involving Keith Olbermann, verasaur for letting me reminisce about teh interwebz circa 2000, badass table neighbor deadstarship for letting us talk her ear off, starrwinter for keeping us company and being an awesome Cain and Suga!!!,   and the Mongolian hot-pot HANDZ group for bringing all the doki doki sparkles ( jabarturdchamajeandrawsstuffekaitzfawnfawnemilywarrenart). Coincidentally, we were right across from alexwoolfson, whose smart guy-on-guy sci-fi comic “Artifice” made for a great pairing to our dumb guy-on-guy sci-fi comic X)  Also great meeting fellow artists owenismakasuzanashipjumperdevoto-webcomic, and scotty6000! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE SO MANY COMICS TO READ NOW (if you can’t tell by our sweet loot pile).

Thank you, thank you all once again!

Now, back to comics…!!!

— Wensleydale