Research trips & updates!

Hello friends! Apologies for the radio silence, dayjobs got the better of us for a while…and then we took a lil’ trip to Tokyo where we succumbed to the siren song of all the doujinshi*. In case you need hard evidence…
* mostly Haikyuu!!, though we’ve got some Free! reppin’
doujin3Thanks to the lovely people at PacSet Tours for putting together the fujoshi dream trip (along with all the awesome new people we met!)–as you can tell, we managed to do quite a bit of “research” that should serve us well for upcoming chapters ;) ;) ;)

In the meanwhile. we’ve been working on mission 6–unfortunately we were a little bit optimistic in our original airdate, so we’ll just post it when it’s ready. That should be sooner than later (read: this summer), but since we’re just now recovering from our jetlag, we don’t have a hard date. But you can always see new sketches and such over at Ocicatsy’s tumblr, since it’s updated fairly regularly with actual content (the Wensleydale tumblr is uh, mostly just my reblogs ^^;;;).

Thanks for your patience, guys! We’re always happy to know that people are enjoying the comic! STAY TUNED!

— Wensleydale