Mission 6 Pre-Production

Hello! We are in the thick of it now with Mission 6 pre-production. I don’t want to spoil the fun of seeing the story unfold in the comic, but I think I can post a few things that we’re working on.

The majority of Mission 6 is thumbnailed on one page of my sketchbook. After this I switch to an entirely digital workflow, but for these little stick figures I’ve found that nothing beats a real pencil!
The little numbers in circles correspond to numbers in a doc with dialogue and notes for each panel, and the rectangles with numbers correspond to page layouts. After drawing at thumbnail size to sort out which story beats fit on each page, I redraw very roughly at full size in Photoshop. Right now it looks like the next chapter will be around 38 pages. The first round of layouts is done and now we’re editing!

At the same time I’m also working on designs for props, locations, and other new things for the chapter. I always love an excuse for new outfits, so I’ve been playing around clothing design. These aren’t final yet though!


Mission 6 Status Update
Story: Complete
Layouts: Drafted
Current Mode: Editing

— Ocicatsy