Adventures in LAla-land!

…so we went to Y-con!

More importantly, we tabled this time! Yay!

Our only regret was that we weren’t staying in Long Beach, so we missed out on hangout time ;_; but we were still able to meet up with a ton of fabulous people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table to chat, or took a photo with us, or let us know that you’re reading our comic—we were SUPER PSYCHED just talking to everyone (and uh, geeking out over Teen Wolf or Persona or Knights Errant or SPN).

comic lyfe

Had some fun hangouts with Hazel & Bell (Always Raining Here), and Kori (Prince of Cats) and meeting Vy—there were some antics involving ketchup-flavored potato chips :O :O :O


We also met up with HamletMachine, andkidnapped  took a photo with her, since her presence at our table was like having our comics blessed by the pope of slashy webcomics!


We also got to chat a bit during the fanmarket with UrdchamaJABValJeanLMCTacoLokiBlueKeiPhotinusEmJD & DustyScribbleymarkAlex WoolfsonPK,  and Snakeyhoho! I’m sure I missed people, we love you too! WE LOVE EVERYONE! <3 <3 <3

phat l00t

Check out our mad swag pile that we managed to bring back, L00T. Spent the plane ride back just reading BL comics, aw yeah.

And now, onto chapter 3…!

— Wensleydale