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Kendra & Kat make fan-inspired zines and draw comics about queer romance and adventure.

Misadventure Central is the home of Spacejinx and other sexy comics for adults by Kendra “Wensleydale” and Kat “Ocicatsy.” Please do NOT continue if you are a.) not interested, b.) at work, or c.) it is not legal for you to view such material (especially c).

🔞 Spacejinx: An 18+ Scifi Webcomic🔞

All Space Cadet Benedict Young wants is a jetbike. Instead, he ends up with an unregistered android. To make matters worse, he’s rooming with the academy’s best engineering student/biggest asshole. The future ain’t always so bright!

Spacejinx is on temporary hiatus, and will return soon.

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